PiccoTek engineers, designs, develops and deploys computer technology solutions. Our philosophy is to integrate tomorrow’s leading edge technology today! We study the state of the art technologies and prove these new technologies by applying them first hand. When multiple technologies are available, we dissect them and choose the most effective solution, depending on the needs of the customer. We are extremely focused on what the customer requires and aim to exceed expectations in our final solution.

Web based software solutions have been delivered using Java/J2EE and deployed on WebLogic, SunOne Iplanet, Jboss application servers. In addition, fully secure WebService interfaces have been developed by our engineers using PKI and SSL. We understand service based architectures and have developed framework solutions to support pluggable services.

J2EE Development/ Web Development

Java/J2EE development kits are used by PiccoTek to develop state of the art web based solutions. The J2EE packages provides a framework of proven components and design patterns to leverage in our solutions.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing as a service as opposed to computing as a product. The CLOUD provides shared resources, software, and data to remotely connected devices via the internet. PiccoTek is working on the leading edge of several projects to prove and integrate this technology today!